Saturday, July 23, 2011

Peterbald Cat

peterbald cat pets information
Peterbald is a cat who has the most expensive and bizarre unique color once, Peterbald are from Russia and is a cat who is also able to breed. Peterbald is a cat as a result of crossbreeding and genetic mutations. This Peterbald bodied oriental, including types of hairless (hairy rare / little or no feathers), as well as a variety of fur colors. Peterbald cat is produced from the mating cross between a hairless Donskoy cats with an oriental short hair cat. These types of cats are born with a very thin coat and a bit, which then Peterbald will experience hair loss with increased age.

peterbald cat pets information
  • Appearance
Peterbald is actually rather not hairy but is more like a very short hair and has a sleek and elegant way that the head of a typical narrow and long with straight profile, almond-shaped eyes and large ears. Peterbald is losing hair gene and the appearance of their skin has a gray color.
  • Grooming
Peterbald haired cat species are very short, therefore making it very easy to oily skin attached to the skin peterbald dust. Peterbald cats should be bathed often, of course, with a special soap, for dry skin because of peterbald not dry because it is often bathed.

peterbald cat pets informationpeterbald cat pets information
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