Thursday, December 15, 2011

Scorpion is a class of animals antrhopoda. scorpion has venom like a snake, but the scorpion venom is not deadly to humans as snake venom. But there is a kind of scorpion that have toxins that are harmful to humans, although most of us have encountered scorpions are generally harmless. Scorpion toxins will provide pain and swelling in the body that are exposed diarea sting.
Scorpion venom is only dangerous to the fellow animals arthropods. The scorpion uses its poison to paralyze their prey.
scorpion is the most deadly type of androctonus australis, one of which is deathstalker a scorpion that has the most deadly poisons are neurotoxins. If this type of scorpion stung the victim will experience fever and coma, convulsions and paralysis and then died.
But in general for a healthy adult human, scorpion venom is not going to result in death just the poison would be very painful.
Other dangerous species of scorpion that is, androctonus crassicauda, ​​spesiaes has the most toxic poison that can cause death.
Parabuthus transvaalicus, this is a species of scorpion that can give off poison as that of the cobra
and Centruroides vittatus, this scorpion is the most rarely causes death in humans. This makes it a very bad reputation, so every time people see him going to kill him. Scorpion venom is actually injected in the state of humanity because they threatened it, they do not attack humans, even he would evade much of human existence.

scorpion has a hard skin (chitin substances), jointed body, making exotic appearance. Scorpions have eight legs, injecting poison into his gun was in the back with a long tail for his size. The color of the body and the size of the scorpion has many variations.
one of their unique appearance, they grow in the dark will light if the light rays with ultraviollet

scorpionimage source Palestine yellow - death stalker scorpion