Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

We wish you a very merry Christmas!
Siena with Chilli & mom Britta

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Ocicat evolved from two popular breeds are the Abyssinian and Siamese. In 1964, Virginia Daly, a cat breeder from Berkeley, Mich., raising Abyssinian cats with Siamese and produced kittens. Furthermore, two strains were crossed with the American Shorthair and Ocicat cats produce.
Ocicat Cats interest because it is similar to Ocelot cat the endangered, but the Ocicat cat has a tail that is longer than any other cat. (source history Ocicat)
  • Appearance

Ocicat is a domestic cat but the race that resembles a wild cat has no blood though Ocicat has a temperament like a wild and domestic cats. Ocicat is a large cat with a big bone and muscle athletic appearance. Ocicat bodied dense, hard and rather long-bodied with a full body.
Ocicat has short hair, smooth, and satin, in a typical pattern seen with the markings on the head, spine, legs and tail. Ocicat coat color comes in many colors, including chocolate, chocolate, cinnamon, silver, and blue. Ocicat males weigh about 9-14 pounds, while for female Ocicat approximately 6-9 pounds.
  • Behavior
Ocicat including a smart cat, so easy in practice. Energetic behavior of the cat she likes to jump into the cabinet and other high places to check out their neighborhood, walking on the rope, and respond to voice commands owners. Ocicat is kind of amazing because Ocicat cats can adapt well to new pets and for children. Ocicats will adapt to family life that will get him. Do not leave cats ocicat home alone in a long time, because maybe he will run away from your home.

picture of Ocicat

Behavior of cats ocicat video

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Siblings on Sunday

I got news from my siblings. Isn't that the coolest thing? I haven't heard from them since we parted when we were 14 weeks old.
My brofur Thjure lives with another orange mancat called Buffy.
Check out the pawsome floof on his tail. He's my brofur for sure!
He looks like much fun, don't you think?
And that's not me, but my sisfur. She's called Rana nowadays. My mom always tells me that we looked like twins. She has grown into a beautiful ladycat and I'm happy to hear that both Thjure and her are doing fine.

But talking about sisfurs. Did you see that my BSIF (Big Sister in Floof), Fin, is retiring from blogging? Both her and Momo took me under their floofy tails when I started blogging and I will always be grateful for what I've learned from them and the good times we had. Family is impawtant but if you're lucky you meet very special furriends along the way and they can become at least equally impawtant. Finny sure is such a furriend!
Fin is a Mousey fan just like me!
Enjoy the good life, BSIF and please visit from time to time. I will sure miss you!
Your Little Sister in Floof,

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Scorpion is a class of animals antrhopoda. scorpion has venom like a snake, but the scorpion venom is not deadly to humans as snake venom. But there is a kind of scorpion that have toxins that are harmful to humans, although most of us have encountered scorpions are generally harmless. Scorpion toxins will provide pain and swelling in the body that are exposed diarea sting.
Scorpion venom is only dangerous to the fellow animals arthropods. The scorpion uses its poison to paralyze their prey.
scorpion is the most deadly type of androctonus australis, one of which is deathstalker a scorpion that has the most deadly poisons are neurotoxins. If this type of scorpion stung the victim will experience fever and coma, convulsions and paralysis and then died.
But in general for a healthy adult human, scorpion venom is not going to result in death just the poison would be very painful.
Other dangerous species of scorpion that is, androctonus crassicauda, ​​spesiaes has the most toxic poison that can cause death.
Parabuthus transvaalicus, this is a species of scorpion that can give off poison as that of the cobra
and Centruroides vittatus, this scorpion is the most rarely causes death in humans. This makes it a very bad reputation, so every time people see him going to kill him. Scorpion venom is actually injected in the state of humanity because they threatened it, they do not attack humans, even he would evade much of human existence.

scorpion has a hard skin (chitin substances), jointed body, making exotic appearance. Scorpions have eight legs, injecting poison into his gun was in the back with a long tail for his size. The color of the body and the size of the scorpion has many variations.
one of their unique appearance, they grow in the dark will light if the light rays with ultraviollet

scorpionimage source Palestine yellow - death stalker scorpion

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Pangolins is a unique animal and is now classified as endangered animals, they are included in the class of mammals. He was classified as nocturnal animals as pangolins active at night and hide during the day in the nest, usually lodged by making holes in the ground or other animals occupy the former hole.

Length of body shape and skin scaly pangolins, pangolins newborn skin is not hard but after two days the skin will begin to harden. Pangolins has a snout with a small mouth and long tongue and has no teeth.
What is unique from animals pangolins is, he will ball his body if they feel threatened to form a round like a ball that hard. Pangolins also have anal scent glands that emit out, foul-smelling liquid. it is intended to protect themselves from predators.

Its main food is ants and other small insects. Pangolins will use his long tongue and lymph glandulous to catch its prey, so prey will glue on the tongue, it is most effective in the hunt for food inside a small hole, such as ants and termites in the house. Pangolins hunt their prey by using the sense of smell
This Pangolins can be found in southeast Asia and Africa, tropical rain forest area.
from all sources
For more details see the pictures below pangolins;

photo by Nigel J. Dennis
Pangolins was body furl
source image pangolins
source image by AWF

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I have a reputation for being a little silly Chilli because sometimes I see ghosts. That means that I go all poofy and cautious.
I have to admit that it makes me wonder if there's REALLY something given that Siena and mom are blissfully unaware on most occasions. So imagine my disturbance, when I saw this last weekend:
What on earth?! Is it raining men now?
I composed myself a little when mom explained that this apparition was an arborist who was called to cut out dead wood from our Birch tree. I guess I'm okay with that!

Sunday, December 4, 2011


Owls are the night birds, owls will hunt their prey at night and usually owls would sleep in the afternoon. Animals who become prey such as mice, frogs and the insects, animals classified as carnivores owls.
There are hundreds of species of owls found in the world and spread in various countries.

The owl has a unique appearance because it has a pair of eyes which were located in front unlike other birds which lies beside her. The uniqueness of the owl can rotate its head through the canopy.
Owls have sharp nails like bird-eating meat in general and also a large and wide wings that exceed the size of the owl's own body and short tail.
Owls have very sharp eyesight to hunt prey in the dark with a long distance but in close proximity owl can not see clearly because their prey owls have farsightedness.
Besides having a keen eyesight owl also has a hearing which is also sharp, this hearing is very useful for hunting prey in total darkness. Owls also have other features that have very fine hair that can make this bird fly without a sound.
There are feathers that form a circle on the face buurung ghosts that make it look attractive. If seen this owl looks very funny but owls including a ferocious predator.

Owls have many characteristics not pass up this movement and led to its existence is often unknown. Owls usually nest in trees in the woods on the limb or make holes in tree trunks. But this time the owl made ​​a lot of pets and any owl population has declined.

owlOwl photo by Brooke Pennington's


All image from Flickr


Small animals that fly and pulled out a flickering light that we often encounter in certain areas at night is a beetle called firefly.

How does a firefly have a lamp and produce electrical energy?
Light is produced in special organs called photophores located in the lower abdomen. They consist of several layers of small reflector cells and a layer of light-producing cells. Light-producing cells contain nerves, air tubes, and two types of chemicals, luciferin and luciferase enzyme. When luciferin is activated by adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and luciferase, combine with oxygen in the air tube; this reaction produces energy in the form of light, heatless greenish-yellow-orange-red.
source firefly
From these research that fireflies do not have lights and electricity in his body, they have the light generated from the chemical luciferin and luciferase enzyme.
The fireflies are still widely available in rural areas or areas that are still there are many plants and trees. Their light functioned fatherly attract their mates.


Photo by James Jordan

picture firefly by bruce marlin

Angora Rabbits

One type of rabbit that has a long coat and dense, like angora cat. Angora rabbits have a characteristic hair that grows in the ear tip and forefoot, along with the long hair found on her body. Rabbits have a funny appearance, soft fur makes it look like a doll. So the rabbit includes pet toys.
Angora rabbit fur color varies widely and is also a combination and mixture of other colors. Very rapid growth of fur that is 2.5 cm per month
Weight of adult angora rabbits around 2kg - 4.5 kg

Care and Grooming
Long angora rabbit hair care needs, but we must often comb it we also need to cut it to make it look more tidier.

There are many types of angora rabbits, namely English anggora, Satin anggora, Chinese anggora, anggora Swiss, Finnish anggora, French anggora, German anggora, Giant anggora

Pictures Of Angora Rabbits

angora rabbit
angora rabbit
angora rabbit
angora rabbit
pictures angora rabbit from pluspets