Sunday, December 4, 2011


Owls are the night birds, owls will hunt their prey at night and usually owls would sleep in the afternoon. Animals who become prey such as mice, frogs and the insects, animals classified as carnivores owls.
There are hundreds of species of owls found in the world and spread in various countries.

The owl has a unique appearance because it has a pair of eyes which were located in front unlike other birds which lies beside her. The uniqueness of the owl can rotate its head through the canopy.
Owls have sharp nails like bird-eating meat in general and also a large and wide wings that exceed the size of the owl's own body and short tail.
Owls have very sharp eyesight to hunt prey in the dark with a long distance but in close proximity owl can not see clearly because their prey owls have farsightedness.
Besides having a keen eyesight owl also has a hearing which is also sharp, this hearing is very useful for hunting prey in total darkness. Owls also have other features that have very fine hair that can make this bird fly without a sound.
There are feathers that form a circle on the face buurung ghosts that make it look attractive. If seen this owl looks very funny but owls including a ferocious predator.

Owls have many characteristics not pass up this movement and led to its existence is often unknown. Owls usually nest in trees in the woods on the limb or make holes in tree trunks. But this time the owl made ​​a lot of pets and any owl population has declined.

owlOwl photo by Brooke Pennington's


All image from Flickr