Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Seals are carnivorous mammals that can be found in the region of water ice. At first, seals belong to the suborder Pinnipedia, but now it has shifted the suborder category to category superfamilia.Currently, the seals put in a joint family Odobenidae Caniformia suborder (marine bear / walrus), Otariidae (sea lions), and Phocidae. Recent molecular analyzes have shown that the seal bears the closest relatives. Another hypothesis says that seals are true seals polifiletik the ancestral form of animals such as otters while the other seal species derived from a common ancestor of animals such as bears, but recent molecular studies that have been mentioned previously to ensure that all types of seals is monophyletic, which is derived from a common ancestor. source wikipedia

Most of the seals that inhabit the cold North Atlantic and Arctic Ocean, But there is also an area being able to survive. Seals leave the water at least once a year, at the time of birth season.Female seals give birth on land, they migrate from the cold of the open ocean is warmer stricken before their child was born. Pups were treated in a certain period, usually within a few months spent on the ground. their daily diet is a type of fish, insects, squid and clams.
  • Characteristics of the seal body
Seals have a slender body, rounded at the middle and tapered at the ends, with a thick layer of fat under the skin. Their limbs are short and their feet are webbed front and rear modified as flippers.
Seals have no external ears but those projections have a functional ear.
Seals have strong nails, which they usually used to climb on the ice after a hunt for food at sea and diganakan to open the shells.
They have short hair colored and thick so as to protect the body from cold temperatures, the seals also have a thick layer of fat to keep them warm, helping them float, and feed them when they can not get food.
Color seals have a varied pattern is a combination of color and gray nipple.

Picture of Baby Seals

White Colors

Gray Colors