Saturday, June 25, 2011

Only one to go

Furriends, the countdown is on - only one blue egg left to hatch.
The little ones are doing cute little chirps and Mrs. Blackbird is busy feeding them.
And look: Daddy Blackbird is helping feed the chicks too. Now that they have hatched starts the critical time concerning the Magpies. Maybe the chirping attracts them. Mom is determined to defend the featherless feathers.
She got some larvae at the pet shop today to offer to family Blackbird. With the wet weather there should be plenty of Earthworms around but she says she wants to offer some support. Gross! Thanks mom, now that I know what these birds feed on I don't even want to eat them any more.
What's in the bag on the left you ask? Water fleas as a treat for our Fischies. Extra gross!!!
Siena Snowfox