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The Siberian Husky

siberian husky dog
Dogs Siberian Husky, dog races are not malignant, and spoiled even too good to humans. This race briefly looked like wolves but more handsome. Siberian Husky has a pleasant nature. Siberian Husky is alert, fond of fun and easy to adjust. Level of intelligence has been proven. All-round ability makes him a friend usually matching to humans at all ages in a variety of preferences. Solid and hairy body, erect ears and a tail like a broom. Siberian Husky have almond shape eyes, lies at an angle. Siberian Husky brown eyes or blue, or a mixture. Siberian Husky fur on consists of two layers and the length is, that it seems entirely covered with feathers. Distinctive nature of his gait is smooth and looks like without power. Siberian Husky male race looks masculine but not coarse, females look feminine but without weakness of structure. The color and pattern combinations in the Siberian Husky dog ​​could not be found in other species.
  • Characteristic
Siberian husky, which is known as benign in nature and is the most benign type of family dog ​​sled pullers. Generally, these dogs may also relate to other dogs, other breeds. Husky is a dog that has high intelligence dam easy to train with love and praise. When the skins are needed working dogs, we have to be cold hands, but he berubahmenjadi aggressive if it's scary.
Dogs of this cold region that requires a lot of practice to keep them in top shape, but do not let them overheat. To contact someone lived in the home, they melonglong case of a wolf. While Husky has a thick coat, they require no additional maintenance. It is worth noting the date of loss of feathers
  • Treatment
The maintenance of a Siberian Husky tropical area in Indonesia is so, it takes a readjustment. Adaptation takes time for 2-3 weeks. Husky dog ​​dipacakkan race after two years in May, and during the marriage, provide food for dogs, including dog food, beef, medium rare, and rice. Serve with rice is to reduce the heat and obesity. The food is given twice a day, morning and afternoon. Some of the food if the head is between 2-3 ounces of a meal.
  • Training
Education for Siberian Husky must be given daily. Tomorrow, exercise for an hour, and type of exercise that is given depends on the purpose, whether fair or dexterity test. The training begins with gentle walking, running and skills, such as teethers, jump, shake hands, aggression and so on. The usefulness of this exercise is to hone their skills and intelligence to maintain the health of your pet to stay alive.
  • Standardization
Siberian Husky is a purebred dog or dogs Spitz north, the average body size, with streaks of light and an elegant, powerful and free. His body was compact hair, shiny and erect ears. Description of dog whose original name Haski Sibirskiy has many similarities with the Alaskan Malamute, and also some close relatives of the Spitz family, such as the Samoyed, which has a history with the Husky. Usky Siberia have a skull of average size and proportion of body, slightly rounded at the top of the head and then tapered in the eye.
Business snout, distance between the tip of nose to stop at an equal distance from stop to occiput. Nose Black Husky Black hairy, reddish-brown or gray. Nose liver-colored copper-haired dog, and a nose of fresh meat color to a white dog fur. The teeth should be sealed and bite bite. almond eyes, somewhat broad, with brown eyes or blue. Siberian Husky erect triangular ears and slightly behind terketak, medium, located on the head, the ear leaves thick, fluffy.
Medium length neck and back straight while walking. When run, the head slightly forward. Dada is on the ground and strong, but not too wide. The ribs of the spine healthy and comfortable travel flat, parallel and straight, with elbows close to body. From the other side, slightly sloping pasterns strong and flexible with the tent. The length of the foreleg, measured from the elbow to the ground a little more than the distance from the elbow to the top of the cross. His feet are oval and long-term no, medium and tiny feet in size. Between the fingers and feet are not leather, feet hard and dense. Do not bend the legs in Atay when she was standing. Seen from behind while standing, the distance between the hind legs slightly apart and parallel muscled thighs nice and stifle joints and bones under firmly on the ground.
Form a tail like a fox's tail, situated below the top line, the tail is usually raised when the dog was looking at something, and when the tailgate is bent to one side. tail feathers have a medium length and thin.
Just like the dogs in the north, Husky also has two layers of fur. outdoor pens have medium length hair smooth and thick crust, and the length is sufficient to support the bagia fur outside. coat color, which is not always in all colors from black to white, all white feathers, with or without white feather.
  • Size and proportion
Height: Males 21 to 23.5 inches at the withers, females 20-22 inches at the withers.
Weight: Males 45-60 pounds, females 35-50 pounds. (= 453.6 g)
This weight in proportion to height.
Error: Males more than 23.5 inches, females more than 22 inc.

siberian husky
siberian husky
siberian husky
siberian husky
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